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How will I know my ring size?


The reality is that our fingers are often different sizes at different times of the day or year depending on a variety of factors.  This can mean that no ring will ever be perfect on your finger all the time, so you have to be a little flexible when wearing jewellery.  


There are many different international ring size formulas. We use American ring size for Arahira rings, so if you are unsure what your ring size is using American ring size, refer to the conversion table below.  Please note that if you are a half size, we advise going up to the next whole US ring number.

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  • Simply, download the PDF document, print it out, and follow the directions.

  • This provides you with two options to  measure your ring size.

  • Pick the option that is most comfortable for you.

In order to help ensure the ring you order from Arahira Jewellery fits well, click and download the Ring Sizer Tool.

What currency are the prices in?


The prices are in NZ dollars.  This means an excellent exchange rate around the world and value for money with the quality jewellery.  If you would like to see what the cost of your preferred ring or earring is, please click here for:  CURRENCY CONVERTER

Where can jewellery be posted to?


Arahira Jewellery can be shipped worldwide at very competitive prices.  Prices range per package depending on where it is going in the world and how much you order.  The bonus of shipping jewellery is that it is very light and small which keeps packaging costs low! Perfect for gifts.

How are the rings and earrings presented?  Would they make nice gifts?


Arahira Jewellery prides itself on the stylish presentation of all the rings and earrings.  Each piece of jewellery is individually packaged in customised recycled boxes with decoration and labelling.  Ths means the boxes can be proudly displayed and will always be a keepsake and are PERFECT as a gift for treating someone.

What if I really do not like the ring I have chosen?


Arahira Jewellery has carefully selected stylish rings and earrings for modern people ... but we can appreciate that sometimes you may just dislike something when you finally try it on.  If so, please email us and we can help you with a solution which may be a replacement, credit or refund.  Email us on [email protected]

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Affordable prices

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Can I request different stones or material that a ring is made from?


Arahira Jewellery has designed and stocked what people have asked us for ... but that doesn't mean that they are the only rings we can offer.  

If you have a specific request, maybe for diamonds, or white gold bands, just email us and we will try and find a solution just for you. Email us on [email protected]

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